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Our Christian school's goal is "teaching them to observe all things" that Jesus has commanded. True knowledge and wisdom, according to Scripture, begins with the fear of the Lord. With that in mind,  every student at Central will be instructed in a Bible class at the beginning of each day.

Our academic program is a traditional approach. Students will learn through teacher-led instruction in subjects dealing with language arts, mathematics, science, history, etc.--all from a Christian perspective. Kindergarten graduates will learn to read and write. Elementary students will build upon that foundation and review material previously learned while being challenged rigorously with new concepts applicable to their grade level. Secondary students must then learn to balance a more rigorous class and activity schedule and also learn the concepts of how to study. College preparatory classes are introduced in high school, with the goal of preparing the student for furthering his education at college or prepare him to work productively at his life's calling.

Students will take part in annual standardized testing in order to evaluate our school's overall academic program.

The necessity of employing qualified faculty is a great obligation of a Christian school. Our teachers have a dedication to education that we are proud of. We will always strive to put men and women of character and competence in the classroom in order to achieve a culture of academic excellence in our school.

Colleges and Universities recently accepting our graduates: