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Welcome to Central Baptist School!


Welcome and thank you for visiting our school website! At Central, we are striving to minister to the next generation and fulfill Jesus Christ's last command--the Great Commission. Our aim is to lead students to a saving faith in Christ and to help parents mold them into vessels for His use. We employ the time-tested methods of traditional, teacher-led education that have been a hallmark of Judeo-Christian culture since the founding of our country. We believe in a safe, secure, and structured learning program built on a biblical foundation and common sense teaching practices. In an ever-worsening society, it is our goal to train students to be able to succeed in the world, while never letting the world and its philosophy become a part of them.

As a parent of school-age children, the need to educate and train our youth has never been more clear to me personally. Education is a life-long work, but it is an immensely rewarding work! It is a joy to see so many of our students graduate and pursue their calling in life knowing that God has let us have a part in their lives. 

If you feel that Central may be right for your family, please contact us at 601-544-0161 or We would love to hear from you! 


In Christ, 

Heath Bartlett